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Paraglider Tandem Flight / 滑翔伞串联飞行

Paraglider Tandem Flight

Location: Kumano Kiwa-cho Kogurusu 55-22
⇒About 30 minutes from Kumano-shi Station by car or taxi
□Number of parking spaces:5 

□Experience fee:6500 yen / per person (insurance included) 

□Availability:8:30~10:30 or 14:30~16:30 (according to the weather, if strong winds, etc., there is a possibility that paragliding will be cancelled)
※Junior high school age and up (those who weigh over 40kg) ※Minors need the consent of their guardians
East Kishu Eagles Outdoor Club

地点:熊野市纪和镇小栗须 55-22



Kiwa-cho, Riverboat Owner Association / 纪和镇河船业主工会

Kiwa-cho, Riverboat Owner Association

■ Kiwa-cho Riverboat Owner Association
Patrols when the Kitayama River or Kumano River floods. Coordinates with regional voluntary disaster prevention organizations to carry out environmental beautification activities of the river as well as search and rescue by means of riverboat. In addition, they are continuing to plan a variety of experiences using riverboats. It was formed in December 2012 to try to contribute to the activation of the region.
Location: Kumano Kiwa-cho Yanokawa 483
⇒ About 30 minutes from Kumano-shi Station by car or taxi
□ Number of car spaces: 3 □ Experience fee: Negotiable □ Availability: Year-round(planned)

▶Kumano Outdoor Council

地点:熊野市纪和镇矢(箭)之川 483
□停车场:3个车位 □乘船费:面议(因现在是试营业期间只收实际成本)日元□体验时间:全年(计划中)

Kumanogawa-Kitayama Canoe / 熊野川,北山独木舟

Kumanogawa-Kitayama Canoe

■Under the philosopy that "eco-tourism" is to treasure nature and culture, the Kumano Eco-tourism Society is conducting canoe tours. It is a tour down the magnificent Kitayama River as well the Kumano River, a World Heritage Site. While admiring the beautiful nature, you can enjoy the fun of a boat tour with all your heart.
Location: Kinomoto-cho 517-1, Kumano-shi, Mie-ken
⇒ About 5 minutes from Kumano-shi Station by car or taxi
□ Number of car spaces: 0 □ Experience fee: Half-day course 5500 yen to 1 day course 9500 yen (with lunch) □ Availability: Late April to early November
Kumano Outdoor Council

□停车场:无 □乘舟费用:半天5500日元 1天9500日元(含午餐)日元□体 活动实施时间:四月下旬至十一月上旬

Cycle Festa / 自行车节

Cycle Festa

Kumano Cycle Association
If you want to ride in a cycling tournament (from Kumano-shi Asuka-cho to Shimokitayama Village to Kitayama Village), please feel free to join us.
Location:Kumano-shi Ido-cho 336-1
⇒10 minutes from Kumano-shi station by car or taxi

□Number of parking spaces:0 

□Experience fee:Participation fee of 500 yen Lunch fee: 1,000 yen
□ Availability: spring~fall


□参加费:500日元 午餐费:1000日元 日元


Nigura Trekking~Other / 丹仓徒步 - 其他

Nigura Trekking~Other 

kumateng(Miehigashi Kishu Green Tourism Community Council)(Ishimoto Kajuen kumateng Secretariat)
The members of kumateng are very diverse. From people involved in agriculture and fisheries, inn management, campground staff, select shop management, and information magazine publisher, to workers in nature and related industries and businesses such as the sea, river, and mountains of inner Kumano, kumateng is centered around young people that practice green tourism. It was started in 2012.
Location: Udono Tsutsumidani 1388, Kiho-cho, Minamimuro-gun, Mie-ken⇒ About 30 minutes from Kumano-shi Station by car or taxi
□ Number of parking spaces: 0
□ Experience fee: Short program fee is 3500 yen for 2~3 hours (group of 2), 3,000 yen (3 persons and up)
※ In the case of a group with more than 5 persons, please ask about a group rate.
※ Charges may vary depending on the program.
□ Availability: Year-round

□体验费:例)2〜3小时 短节目3500日元会费(2名组)3,000日元(3人以上)

Marine Sports Experience / 海上运动体验

Marine Sports Experience

Selected by Kumano Marine Sports Promotion Committee as one of the 100 best bathing areas, it is surrounded by the great outdoors and the beautiful Atashika Swimming Beach. Marine sports are performed there with a focus on sea kayaking. Since the waves of Atashika Bay are very gentle, even beginners can experience marine sports with confidence. In addition, the Kumano Sea Kayak Marathon is also held, in which kayakers circle around the breathtaking Tategasaki from Atashika Swimming Beach, and promotes the sea of Kumano across the country with the aim of attracting customers.
Location: Kumano-shi Ido-cho ⇒ About 20 minutes from Kumano-shi Station by car or taxi
□ Number of parking spaces: 30+
□ Experience fee: 6000 yen per person if in a group of 2; 5000 yen per person if in a group of 3 or more
□ Availability: March to October

地址:熊野市井户镇 ⇒从熊野市车站出发约30分钟(私家车、出租车)
□参加费:2名、每人6000日元 3名以上、每人5000日元

Canyoning・Shower Climbing・Rafting Tour / 溪谷淋浴攀岩,攀岩淋浴、漂流之旅

Canyoning・Shower Climbing・Rafting Tour

- Experience all of the Kumano-shi valley and the Kitayama River!
Location: Kumano-cho, Kanayama-cho 1930-8⇒ About 30 minutes from Kumano-shi Station by car or taxi 
□ Number of parking spaces: 30+
□ Experience fee: 14,000 yen to 20,000 yen
 Price differs by course.
□ Availability: Golden Week (beginning of May) ~ end of September
Kumano Outdoor Council

熊野市一円的溪谷、北山川  没体验过的快快来亲身体验一下吧!
地址:熊野市金山镇1930-8 ⇒从熊野市车站出发约30分钟(私家车、出租车)
□停车场:30个车位 参加费:14,000-20,000日元
□活动期间: GW〜9月末

Riding the Sightseeing Boat              乘坐海上观光游览船

Riding the Sightseeing Boat

Fishing boat riding to “Tategasaki” (about 70m tall), "Gama no Kuchi" (blue cave called the Toad’s Mouth) and “Umikongo” (ocean crags about 160m tall)with giant columnar jointed rocks.

■Reservations can be made at the following locations. Please book a day before riding.
◆ Yuki(遊木) or Nigishima(二木島)  Port Arrival and Departure Route(40-50min)
Departure time: 11:00 / 13:00
Kumano City Tourism Association

Tel +81-597-89-0100 
◆ Matsuzaki(松崎) Port Arrival and Departure Route (70min)

*the route includes "Onigajo"
Departure Time: 10:00 / 14:00
Kumano-shi Knakou Kousha

Tel +81-597-89- 2229

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◆遊木渔港、二木島渔港、离港及抵港航线 出发时间:11点/13点

熊野市旅游协会 电话:+81-597-89-0100

◆松崎港、离港及抵港航线 出发时间:10点/14点

熊野旅游组织 电话:+81-597-89- 2229