Access to Kumano City / 到熊野市的交通

Traveling by train / 坐电车到熊野

Japan Rail (JR) offers tourist pass for 5days connecting cities such as Nagoya (名古屋), Kansai airport(KIX), Wakayama(和歌山), and Ise(伊勢), and also includes some bus services in the region. It is much cheaper and popular way for foreign travelers to go around the area.

For more details, please check here!

Also, check JR Timetable and Route Finder.

From Nagoya(名古屋) Station… About 3 hours by the express train "Wide View Nanki"  to Kumano Station.
 From Shin-Osaka(新大阪) Station···· JR offers express "Kuroshio(くろしお)" from Osaka(大阪) city to Kii-Katsuura(紀伊勝浦) or Shingu(新宮) city which is next to Kumano (熊野) via Wakayama(和歌山). It is 4 hrs rail way trip with scenic coastal line.

You can also take Kintetsu line (近鉄) from Namba(なんば) station in Osaka(大阪) city, which is 15min by subway, to Matsusaka(松阪) station then change to JR express "Wide View Nanki" to Kumanoshi(熊野市) station. It takes about 5.5 hrs in total.
 ※There are a few express train a day to Kumano, please check the latest timetable and its fee at JR station or their website for your convenience.

从名古屋车站・・・乘坐特急「wide viewー南紀号」到熊野大约需要3个小时。※关于时间和费用等的仔细消息,请参照JR网站

从新大阪车站・・・最短路线是从三重县周边以及从松阪车站乘坐「wide viewー南紀号」(约3个小时),此路线到达松阪前多种多样。途中、中转少的路线是在和歌山县乘坐特急「黑潮号」约4个小时到达新宫市,再从新宫市坐普通电车到熊野,约需20分钟。

Travel by a car / 开车到熊野

From Nagoya(名古屋)  ... Higashi Meihan(東名阪) Expressway⇒Ise(伊勢) Expressway ⇒ Kisei(紀勢) Expressway: Owase North(尾鷲北) IC (the last stop) ⇒ Route 42 ⇒ Enter into Kumano-Owase(熊野尾鷲) road at Owase South(尾鷲南) IC  (starting point) - Kumano Odomari(熊野大泊) IC.
※ The fee for the expressway is free from south of the Kiinagashima(紀伊長島) IC.


From Osaka(大阪) … Take Hanshin(阪神) Expressway and enter the Hanwa(阪和) motorway at Matsubara(松原) JCT.  [The shortest route (through Nara(奈良)) is Hanwa(阪和) motorway ⇒ [Mihara(美原) JCT] ⇒ Minami Hanna(南阪和) motorway ⇒ [Katsushiro(葛城) IC (the last stop)] ⇒ Yamato Takada(大和高田) bypass ⇒ [Turn right at Ofusa(小房) intersection] ⇒Route 169 ⇒ [Turn left at Tsuchida(土田) intersection] ⇒ follow Route 169 about two and a half hours until you arrive to Isato-town(五郷) in Kumano city(熊野市).


From the Nishi-Meihan Expressway(西名阪) ⇒ Route 25 (Meihan Road(名阪))⇒ Ise(伊勢) Expressway ⇒ Kisei(紀勢) Expressway: Owase North(尾鷲北) IC⇒ Route 42 ⇒ Enter into Kumano-Owase road(熊野尾鷲道) at Owase South(尾鷲南) IC ⇒ Kumano Odomari(熊野大泊) IC.


After Kiinagashima(紀伊長島) on Kisei(紀勢) Expressway is toll-free and stress-free scenic highway. There are car-rent shop counters in NGO and KIX airpot and some shop also offer one-way rental. Please prepare your international drivers license and hire a car for enjoyable scenic drive to Kumano!!

从名古屋方面,东名阪高速⇒伊势高速⇒纪势高速:尾鹫北IC(终点)⇒R42号⇒熊野尾鹫路:尾鹫南IC(起点) - 熊野大泊 IC(出口)。 ※纪伊长岛以南的高速路是免费区间。


从大阪方面...阪神高速⇒松原JCT进入阪和机动车道,最短路线(奈良周边)是阪和机动车道⇒[美原JCT] ⇒南阪奈机动车道⇒[葛城出口(终点)]⇒大和高田迁回(的)道路⇒[小房十字路右转]⇒国道169⇒[土田十字路口左转]⇒直行约两个半小时到达熊野市五乡镇。 西名阪高速公路⇒国道25(名阪国道)⇒伊势高速公路⇒纪势高速公路:尾鹫北IC⇒国道42号⇒熊野尾鹫路:本尾鹫南IC〜熊野大泊IC。