Getting Around Kumano / 在当地移动方法(交通手段)

Renting a Bicycle / 租赁自行车

Renting a Bicycle

It’s easy to explore the area surrounding Kumanoshi Station by bicycle! ● Business Hours, Rental Hours and Days ◆ Kumano City Tourism Organization Hours: 9:00 to 18:00.  Rental Hours: 9:00 to 18:00. Customers may borrow a bicycle for a maximum of three days at a time.
the following dates: 8/16, 8/17, 12/29 - 1/3. During these days, bicycles cannot be rented.
◆ Kumano City Tourism Organization:
Tel 0597-89-2229
In Front of Kumanoshi Train Station
657-12 Ido-Cho, Kumanoshi, Mie-Ken, 519-4324

熊野周边可以很轻松愉快的进行自行车探险!●窗口营业时间,租赁使用时间 ()天◆熊野市旅游公司 营业时间・・・9点-18点 租赁时间・・・9点-18点,租赁期限:3天2晚。
※旅游公司定休日-周一、节假日以及8/16、8/17、 12/29-1/3,以上期间不进行租赁。 ◆熊野市旅游公司 熊野市车站前 邮编:519-4324 三重县熊野市井户镇657-12 电话:0597-89-2229

Using a Tourist Taxi / 使用旅游出租车

Using a Tourist Taxi 

Taxis are located just outside of Kumanoshi Train Station! Without having to spend time waiting for the train or the bus, using a taxi gives you the freedom to explore and is very convenient. If you ride with Daiichi-Koutsu, you can use your JAL Mileage Card anywhere in the country. ★There are reasonable rates available for groups of 3-4 people.
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熊野市站附近!出租车比电车和公共汽车更自由到任何地方无需等待,非常方便的现代交通工具。第一个交通-可以使用日本全国JAL日航里程卡。 ★3-4名的团体,会比相像中合适很多!


Riding the City Tour Bus / 使用城市观光巴士

Riding the City Tour Bus

Price for a 1-day unlimited bus pass: 200 yen per person.
On the tour bus, you can easily visit Kumano’s sightseeing spots and experience the city on a fixed bus route. (Up to six people can ride one bus.) By visiting Kumano’s highlights in person, you can truly understand the time-honored history and culture, as well as the magnificence of the abundant nature. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Also, only visitors who ride the bus will be able to receive a wide variety of benefits! For more information, please download the brochure below.

城市观光巴士是围绕在熊野市周边的景点以及各种体验设施的观光公交车。 (一次最多坐6位)熊野历史文化悠久,雄大的自然让您尽情的享受身临其境的意境。此外只乘坐也可享受各种各样的优惠政策!

Riding the Electric Rail Car / 乘坐小火车

Riding the Electric Rail Car

An electric rail car connects Iruka Onsen, an exceptional onsen that helps people recover from exhaustion, and Yunokuchi Onsen, a source of naturally flowing water. This electric rail car travels through a 1-kilometer long tunnel in about 10 minutes. Have fun going on this short journey reminiscent of the Show era!
<Reservations can be made at Hotel Seiryuso.> ◆ Hotel Seiryuso Tel 0597-97-1180

<预约单位>◆静流莊酒店 电话:0597-97-1180

Riding a Rail Mountain Bicycle / 乘坐轨道山地自行车

Riding a Rail Mountain Bicycle

By riding a rail mountain bicycle, you can travel through the former Kiwa Mines on the currently abandoned railway line. Feeling the chills of the mines can be quite thrilling!  <Reservations can be made at Hotel Seiryuso.> ◆ Hotel Seiryuso Tel 0597-97-1180

<预约单位>◆静流莊酒店 电话:0597-97-1180

Riding the Sightseeing Boat / 乘坐海上观光游览船

Riding the Sightseeing Boat

By going sightseeing on the water, passengers can see “Tategasaki” (about 70m tall) and “Umikongo” (ocean crags about 160m tall), which are among Japan’s largest forms of columnar jointed rocks. In addition, riders can see the mysterious beauty of Kumano’s “Blue Grotto,” which has been called “The Toad’s Mouth.” This exciting highlight is only visible by sightseeing boat!


<Reservations can be made at the following locations. Please book a day before riding.> 
◆ Yuki(遊木) or Nigishima(二木島)  Port Arrival and Departure Route
Departure time: 11:00 / 13:00
Kumano City Tourism Bureau Tel +81-597-89-0100
◆ Matsuzaki(松崎) Port Arrival and Departure Route
Departure Time: 10:00 / 14:00
Kumano Tourism Organization Tel +81-597-89- 2229

<预约单位 >

◆遊木渔港、二木島渔港、离港及抵港航线 出发时间:11点/13点 熊野市旅游协会 电话:+81-597-89-0100

◆松崎港、离港及抵港航线 出发时间:10点/14点 熊野旅游组织 电话:+81-597-89- 2229

Riding the Regularly Scheduled Bus / 乘坐公交车(观光)

Riders can leisurely and inexpensively appreciate the true charm of Kumano while admiring the scenery from the bus.
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